Top 5 Suspects In The Raz-B “Accident”

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chris brown raz-b beefThis morning TMZ reported that embattled singer Raz-B was involved in a near death accident in China. The former B2K member says he tripped and fell through a glass door, lacerating his wrists.

However, we think foul play was involved. Who has it in for Raz-B so bad that they wanted to turn a window pane into window PAIN?  Here are our top suspects.

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Chris Brown

With Raz-B recently throwing Chris Brown under Big Gay Al’s leopard skin bus and his brother Ricky Romance continuing to write checks that his tweets can’t cash  C-Breezy finally decided to send the goons and drop the fail whale on dat ass.

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Chris Stokes
Raz-B has been a little too vocal in his insisting that he was molested by his cousin and former manager Chris Stokes and he finally had enough. With a reality TV deal in jeopardy Stokes sent Chun-Li to dropkick the flagrant sunglasses wearer through the door.

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Omarion and the Rest of B2K
With a potential reunion tour approaching the remaining members of B2K wanted to ensure that there would be nobody in Star Trek shades picketing outside the venues screaming “B2Gay! B2Gay!” So the three of them went “bump, bump, bump” upside his head.
It was a slow news day and since so many people already google “Raz-B gay” the enterprising editors at Kanye’s favorite website sent the goons to throw Raz-B through a glass door for a quick story.

According to @ChrisStokesFan Twitter Raz-B did this to himSELF in a suicide attempt over a bad break-up.

Raz, you have too much to live for and no man is worth it.

Ha! We’ve got jokes. Check out more of our lists on!

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