Did She Really Just Eat That Sh*t?! [VIDEO]

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Woman Eats DiapersThe truth is most certainly stranger than fiction. And addictions seem to be a lot stranger than the truth. On an episode of TLC’s reality series “My Strange Addiction,” a pregnant woman is addicted to sniffing and chewing on dirty diapers. Yes, I said the woman is addicted to chewing and sniffing dirty diapers. Go ahead and scream before finishing this post. *waits for you to finish screaming*


Te woman with the disgustingly strange addiction is a 22-year-old named Keyshia from Queens, New York. Despite having a filthy addiction, she is engaged. Obviously, her fiancee Jerome isn’t too pleased with this addiction and has tried to get her to stop, but just like someone addicted to cocaine, Keyshia can’t seem to kick the truly nasty habit.


Watch in the clip below as her fiancee and another family member try to throw one of the dirty diapers away.



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