The Thirstiest Comments On Todd Bridges’ — Yes, THAT Todd Bridges — Facebook Page

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So actor Todd Bridges must have been listening to some Drake, because he got in his feelings a little bit and decided to post this to his Facebook page.

todd bridges fb post

There were tons of people giving good, sound advice (we use this term loosely) like these people below:


todd bridges 2

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 7.16.23 PM


todd bridges advice

With that advice, of course, came some advances. Who knew Willis still had it?


The I-forgot-to-proofread crush

todd bridges thristy comments 1

The life long crush

todd bridges thirsty comment 2

The by-the-books crush

todd bridges thirsty comments 3

The delusional crush

todd bridges young

todd bridges thirsty 4

The not-too-concerned-he-knows-how-to-hold-a-gun crush

todd bridges fb post 2

todd bridges comments 6

We hope he finds the right person for him! Would you ever honestly try to date a celebrity?

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