B2KWith all the hoopla surrounding Raz-B’s allegations of molestation in the B2K and TUG Entertainment camp, it sounds like prime material for an episode of TV One’s “Unsung.”

Obviously the folks at TheWellVersed.com agreed and put together a list of ten reasons why B2K needs to be featured in an upcoming episode of the series.

#1) Because we really want to know if Chris Stokes was doing the Bishop Eddie Long.

I mean, does it really sound that farfetched?

#2) We want to know if B2K settled their differences by dancing instead of fighting.

I have a hunch that Chris Stokes moved a bunch of furniture around so Omarion and J-Boog could settle their differences over who ate the last peanut butter & jelly sandwich. It was unfair to Lil Fizz because his ass couldn’t dance. Which leads us to #3…

#3) Ask Lil Fizz what it was like being the Johnny “I got two left feet” Gill of B2K.

The camera NEVER focused on him when B2K was dancing. You remember how bad Johnny Gill‘s dance moves were in New Edition? At least Johnny could sing the paint off the walls with “My, My, My.” As for Fizz, his name, his raps and his dancing kinda sucked.

#4) To find out the real meaning behind the song “Bump, Bump, Bump.”

I’m just saying. The song was dumb and annoying as hell. I bet that if you play it in reverse, you’ll hear all kinds of creepy messages that make you do weird things like #5.

#5) Find out what the real deal is behind this super-duper-pause-worthy Immature photo.

Pause-worthy Immature photo

Did Chris Stokes take this photo? If so, why? Ladies, do you like this? If so, why? Look at Romeo. He’s got the “What the hell am I doing here?” face on while LDB seems to be playing the role. Marques Houston is way too comfortable.

Check out the rest of the list on TheWellVersed.com!

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