Are You A King Of Paper Chasing? and Triple Beam Entertainment teamed up to bring us “The King Of Paper Chasing–” a much needed film about transformation and the innate want for the “American Dream.”

Growing up in the inner city, Carter Blanche and his two best friends find themselves on a non-stop hustle for the “almighty dollar” by any means necessary. Carter (Dwayne DL Clark), after years of living an unhealthy lifestyle, finds him self transitioning from a money-hungered thug into a hard-working man. Although he meets resistance upon his transformation he is determined to succeed.

 “The King Of Paper Chasing” is inspired by the life of main character DL and others.

So who better to talk to about how to be the king of your own journey than he?

It is very evident that black men face more obstacles than other races. It has also been made very clear that you or anyone can overcome those hindrances. DL gives us some advice in our 2 Part interview on how you can be a “King of Paper Chasing!”

How do you get into corporate America coming from the “street” background?

“The thing to do is show and prove! It’s unfortunate but we are dealing with a disadvantage with peoples perception, speculation and assumption– you have to show them that you are self sufficient, determined and resourceful. After a while people will take notice. If you show those qualities and that drive people will def listen and want to get involved.”

How does someone transcend from the streets into following their dreams like you?

“Everything in my life that I did I had reason for it–it was seldom that I did anything just because. Have a plan, and sometimes people may not agree with your methods to achieve your goal but at the end of the day you have to have a bunch of small goals en route to that large goal and you have to stay true to it regardless of what people think or want you to do.”

How can one become a King Of Paper Chasing?

“That’s the beauty of the movie, King of Paper Chasing isn’t just about me it talks about all the people in the movies walks of life. Everyone has a hustle so to speak. Everybody is in search of something to make them happy. Depending on what you’re looking for you have to have tunnel vision, don’t let your self be distracted! Go for it!”

Stay tuned for part 2…

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