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Prince exposed himself to L.A. Times reporter Ann Powers in a recent interview. Among the tidbits he shared was that he was planning to release three albums in 2009 through a “major retailer” in physical form and online. The artist who once changed his name and wrote “slave” on his face is not working with a record label.

“The gatekeepers have to change,” he said several times throughout the interview.

The first disc is tentatively titles MPLSOUND and promises to revisit the sound of “When Doves Cry.”  Prince experimented with Pro Tools and “new ways of recording” on these trippy, experimental pop songs. One features a Q-Tip rap; another calls a “Funky Congregation” to worship and may become a live set piece.

In non-music news Prince admits that he didn’t vote in the 2008 elections because of his religion. Prince has been a Jehovah’s Witness for almost a decade.

For more Prince bits visit The L.A. Times website.

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