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Tyler Perry made his way on The Oprah Winfrey show where he opened up about being molested by a male neighbor, priest and forced into sexual acts with his mothers friend.

The show aired on Wednesday and Tyler Perry told Oprah and the millions of people watching:


“I hear arguing from the living room, she comes in… We were in the bedroom. She throws him in the bathroom and says, ‘You need to take a bath and go to bed,’ and she tells me to go home, and I go to the door to try and unlock the door… and I couldn’t unlock it. She lays on the sofa and spreads her legs – I didn’t know she was wearing lingerie at the time – and I said, ‘I have to go home…’ And she lights a cigarette and she takes the key… and I come over to get it and she puts it inside of herself (vagina) and she tells me to get it, so I get the key but I feel my body betraying me…because I felt an erection. She pulled me on top of her and I was inside of her, so my first sexual experience with a woman…that was it.”

He goes on to say:

“I was so awkward…I didn’t know there were these triggers…I was with this girl and we were about to get into it (have sex) and she locks the door – click, click, click – I wasn’t able to make the connection, so she’s wondering what is wrong with me; I’m wondering what is wrong with me…I could not perform. I went from being stimulated and ready to go to not being able to perform.”

Tyler Perry also says he was molested by a priest and male neighbor as a child.

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