When the news broke that The Dream had turned into Christina Milain’s nightmare we were all shocked that anyone in their right mind could leave someone so beautiful. Christina Milian took some time out the limelight to tend to her broken heart. This e-mail is supposedly one she sent to The Dreams mistress which also happened to be her friend.

“Melissa do you understand I put more than work into this. And still was. I was very attentive to trying to understand what was wrong. We talked for hours, we would make up. Have sex. Talk again. He is my husband and that is OUR business. No matter what. M that was very inappropriate and YOU KNOW he’s my husband. We were just gonna get married again. I dunno what he was telling you but I’m sure its some sad story. But I am telling you I have loved and cared about my husbands this whole time. My relationship was actually on its way to working . I can send you the emails to prove it. We have and are still married. It wasn’t your job to come in and slep with a married man. Especially knowing my situation as a married and pregnant wife. After what happened to your mom. You should know better”


The mistress doesn’t seem to care about her involvement with the whole situation.

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