In a recent interview Brandy Norwood admitted there has been no sex in her champagne room, or any room for that matter,  since the Detroit Pistons had an NBA title. However, looking at what she’s had to endure in the last few years we can’t say we blame her. Here are five reasons we think that Brandy has kept her legs closed.

5) Car Accident

In 2006 Brandy was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of one driver. She settled out of court with the victim’s family and told Tyra Banks that she hadn’t left the house for three months following the incident. While some people grieve by having MORE sex, it’s perfectly normal for someone to pump the brakes on their sex life until they get over the trauma.

4)Child’s Play

Brandy had a baby girl in 2002 with her ex-husband/baby daddy Robert Smith who subsequently threw her under the bus by saying they were never legally married.

“I am deeply hurt and shocked by the things that Robert has been saying,” Brandy said in a statement. Instead of a legally recognized marriage, she says they “had a spiritual union and true commitment to each other, and we still share a common bond through our (2-year-old) daughter Sy’rai.” She went on to say, “He is not thinking about her, me, or what we had together. He is trying to destroy my reputation, while using me and our daughter to get publicity and radio airplay for his artists. I am stunned that he is being so dirty about it.”

3) Burned by Mase

On his 1999 song “Same N*ggas” Mase put Brandy’s head game on blast by rhyming “Then they wonder why I want no family/ What I need a hooker for, gettin’ head from…”though her name was bleeped out it was pretty clear that he was talking about the innocent  chanteuse whom he’d been dating. The line gave their duet “Top Of the World” whole new meaning.

2) Vibe’s “Sexy Issue” Cover (2004)

On the cover of this “Sexy Issue” Brandy was face down ass up with the caption “What’s Behind Brandy?”Needless to say, the “Full Moon” jokes just became too much for her every time she went out.

1) Ray-J’s Sex Tape (2007)

While she admits that she didn’t watch the tape (thank God), we’d imagine that the mere idea of your sibling’s sexual exploits making headline news would kill your mojo in a serious way.


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