The fact that Swizz Beatz used Alicia Keys as a canvas and painted her naked body really isn’t surprising. I’m sure it was really sexy for the couple but do we really need to think of Swizz and Alicia gettin’ naked together? Sure, they’ve had a kid and all so we know he’s sunk one into the hole but even that might be TMI.

We do congratulate the couple on the birth of their son Egypt and are glad to see the couple expressing their love to each other.

Check out what Swizz tweeted about it:

“THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST CANVAS I EVER PAINTED! ITS MY BEST WORK EVER WOW!!!!!!!! ART IS LIFE & LIFE IS LOVE…Painting on the skin is amazing i am looking forward to the next art session @aliciakeys

Take a look at some more photos of Swizz and Alicia below:


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