After a post called OPINION: 5 Things Black Women Need To Stop Doing and recent computer cartoons depicting black women with white voices I felt it was necessary to stick up for myself and every other black woman!There are many stereotypes about black women: we’re loud, aggressive, promiscuous, wild, demanding, we don’t  know our place/role in the household and etc. but what people fail to realize is behind every scorned black woman is the reason she became that way. Here are 4 things that people need to understand about black women…

4. We Don’t Want A “Thug” We Just Want A Manly Man…

I find that this gets confused with black women wanting a “thug” or “ruff neck” a Lil’ Wayne–that isn’t what we are looking for. We are looking for a strong willed, confident, self- relying man. As women it is something we value. We like to feel safe, protected and like a man that can shelter us from worldly harm. A lot of times a sheltered man lacks the so-called “street training” that gives us that physically “safe” feeling. You can be a stock-broker, but if someone disrespects me you better be ready to defend me!

3. We Don’t Want To Mess Our Hair Up Because…

For one–perms are unhealthy and damaging to your hair,after a touch-up we can’t get another one for approx. 6 weeks. Water, sweat, anything wet will deactivate our perm and our hair will not lay down straight the same way. We spend approx. $60 in the salon(depending on the length of your hair) to get the works done, and unless you’re rich and don’t care about wasting money messing up your hair after getting it done is a no go. We also don’t allow you to run your fingers through our weave because you may pull it out and or pull too hard causing scalp irritation. ( I actually don’t mind)

2. We Are Overly Independent Because…

Black women have held down the fortress for years. While white women and other races had the luxury of staying home and taking care of children while their rich spouses went to work at the “firm,” black women were at work too. Over time we have assumed two roles. The womanly role and a portion of slack from our black men. It’s inevitable that we would evolve into stronger more independent women because of it. (I blame our men)

1. We have an Attitude Because…

Black women have been abandoned by black men whom claim they don’t mess with “sistas” or “black girls,” they cling to the more “exotic” lighter- skinned long haired women(Don’t ask me why I wear a weave, I’m trying to keep up!). You would have an attitude too your own race didn’t claim you, especially after number 2.

All in all, black women are misunderstood. My co-worker Wilfrid Decossard inspired this post after he posted this yesterday: OPINION: 5 Things Black Women Need To Stop Doing. Some things some people just can’t understand, but trust me we aren’t angry for no reason.

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