Lil Wayne is out of jail and we are so happy that Weezy is out in the world and able to do interviews and make videos that make us love him even more.

Which Lil Wayne video is his craziest? Which ones did we leave out? Tell us in the comments section below.

Take a look at your Top 5 Craziest Lil Wayne Video Clips below:

Was Katie Couric Lil Wayne’s Jumpoff? In 2009 Lil Wayne had not only one but two women pregnant and many jumpoffs lurking. No one would have ever guessed that Katie Couric would be a Weezy jumpoff. Ok, we don’t have the actual proof, but Katie’s 2009 interview with Lil Wayne sure did seem more intimate than just a journalist talking to a public figure. “Miss Katie” had her hands all over Wayne and the two shared intense eye contact.

Lil Wayne Reads The Top 10 List: In 2009 David Letterman invited Lil Wayne to read the “Top 10 List” on his show. Lil Wayne showed up looking completely f*cked up. Even in the YouTube comments people are saying that he “looked high as hell.”

The Year Of The Cup: In this interview with Tim Westwood Lil Wayne discusses his cup and gets offended when Tim asks him what was in his cup. What exactly was in Wayne’s cup? Prune juice? Tea? Death On Ice? We’re still not sure but we do agree that 2008 was the “Year Of The Cup.”

Slip ‘N’ Slide: Lil Wayne slips and falls on stage in probably one of the best falls ever.

The Carter Documentary: This film has many notable Weezy moments but perhaps one of the most disturbing parts is when Lil Wayne speaks about being raped at age 11 and also Baby’s involvement.

BONUS: Welcome Back Lil Wayne!!!

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