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Lil Kim isn’t taking Nicki Minaj’s sideways diss, “Roman’s Revenge” sitting down. The Queen Bee was in Nicki Minaj’s backyard of Q-Boro and said that her catalog was strong enough to take out Nicki Minaj without even trying.

“I will erase this b*tch’s social security number,” told a nightclub full or party goers.  First of all, I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that bitch with my old shit. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. What the f**k is this bullsh*t, this sh*t come and go!”

Watch the video below: WARNING, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!

Lil Kim’s track record speaks for itself but her fans are going to want to hear something official eventually. Let’s just hope that when she does cut something new that it comes harder than MC Hammer’s Jay-Z diss.

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