On Sunday night I was glued to my television watching Nia Long host BET’s “Black Girls Rock!” While there were plenty of noteworthy performances (Ruby Dee’s acceptance speech is must-see TV) and it was for a great cause I have to admit that getting two hours worth of my Love Jones crush made it really easy to tune in. Not to mention the Dallas Cowgirls were not making it much of a game on Sunday Night Football and I was keeping track of my Fantasy League stats on my laptop.

It was really a treat to see that many Black women in one place on television and they weren’t competing for Flavor Flav. So I was whipping my head back and forth as each new singer, actress or rapper took the stage. But when Free, the finest thing to come out of Boston since cream pie, took to the stage I immediately went to Twitter and posed this question to my boys:

It’s totally not a fair question because they’re both gorgeous, but that’s exactly why I asked it.  Blogger House’s Dart Adams confirmed that it was mission impossible tweeting back , “That’s like asking me to choose between FOOD OR OXYGEN!”

But low and behold some folks weighed in taking sides in the battle of the beauties: “Free!” and “Nia Long #stopplayin” So that let me know it was something I could have fun with. They’re around the same age, same height, etc but are completely unique in their own way.

So, if you were lucky enough to have to choose between Nia Long and Free, who would you pick?


Nia Long Hosts “Black Girls Rock” Tonight On BET [VIDEO]

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