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The last time Nelly and Kelly Rowland jumped on a track together, the end result was “Dilemma,” one of the finest pop singles of the 2000’s.

Now Cornell Haynes and Kelendria Rowland are trying to capture lightning in a bottle again with “Gone” from Nelly’s upcoming album, 5.0.

Unofficially dubbed “Dilemma Part 2” by Nelly, “Gone” follows the same formula as “Dilemma”:  a smooth midtempo beat, Nelly’s sung-rap style being completely sung instead of rapped, and Kelly’s voice adding the cherry on top.

Will “Gone” be as big as “Dilemma” was?  We kinda doubt it, not to say that this song doesn’t have the potential to be.

But “Dilemma” was a monster record that reached Billboard’s top 10 before it was officially made a single, or a video was shot.

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