Despite what most people will probably think, a casino in Las Vegas probably did Lil Wayne a huge favor by banning him from the establishment.

After surprising fans at a Drake concert earlier in the evening, Weezy was a no-show for the afterparty which was held at the Wynn Casino.

According to TMZ, a rep for the Wynn Casino informed someone in Drake’s camp that Lil Wayne wouldn’t be allowed on the property and would be removed if he tried to enter.

The Wynn hasn’t given specifics as to why Lil Wayne was banned from the establishment, aside from saying that casino execs didn’t want any trouble from the rapper, especially since the terms of his probation in Arizona prevent him from drinking alcohol for the next three years.

And we all know that (free) alcohol flows like water inside of a casino.

Shout out to the folks at the Wynn for trying to keep Wayne from pulling a T.I.

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