Ray-J has a new album coming out entitled Raydiation 2(R2) and he spoke with us at TheUrbanDaily.com for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about it, Kat Stacks, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Raz-B, Chris Stokes,Marques Houston, groupies, his new girlfriend, Brandy and reality T.V.Ray-J went from “Brandy’s brother” to being the beacon carrying on the Norwood legacy. While Brandy took a hiatus to focus on her beautiful daughter, Ray-J took to the limelight with reality shows stemmed from his found super-stardom over a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. He and Kim didn’t last but Ray is determined to have longevity in the game and hasn’t stopped grinding since he entered it over ten years ago. The name of the album is “Raydiation 2” a grown man version of his third album RaydiationRaydiation featured the hit single “One Wish” and R2 features the current single “Last Wish” which is the final chapter in his longing aspiration for a complete love. He claims that he has grown a lot and the album is reminiscent of a mature Ray-J; one that has been through and felt more heart ache. Rodney Jerkins returns to the studio with him, so you are guaranteed to hear some hot ish.

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You and Lil’ Kim are close?
Fo Sho’, we cool that’s family.

Lil kim and ray-j on a date

You came to her defense during the Nicki Minaj paying homage frenzy what do you feel Nicki Minaj should have done(as far as paying homage)?
I’ve never said anything about her. I’ve never spoken her name out of my mouth, I just said I want people to pay homage to Lil’ Kim, all the MC’s out there just for all the work she put in and the style she has delivered and all the things she has accomplished as a female rapper. I just wanted Mc’s all over to pay homage to her.

So you have no problem with Nicki Minaj?
I don’t even know her. I love what she’s doing. I definitely respect Wayne and Young Money, respect all across the board. I don’t want people to twist my words which it did get twisted. Me and Drake talked about it and it’s all love.

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How do you feel about being called Brandy’s Brother?
I still fee like Brandy is definitely the person who opened up all of the doors for me, my mother, my dad, she def opened the doors for me to succeed. If they still wanna call me Brandy’s brother, I’m proud of that.

How do you feel about Brandy opening doors for the female R&B artists out now?
Oh, I think she did WONDERS. All those artists Beyonce and Alicia Keys and people out like that doing their thing. I encourage B(Brandy) to get back in there and sing her heart out!

What is one thing that Ray-J does to stay humble?
Put god first, stay loyal to my team. In this industry there are a lot of snakes.

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