Last year we established the existence of the  “Black Hole That Is Bad Boy Records” and with the recent defection of Jay Electronica to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation it appears the rest of the world has seen the light. Our friends at TheBVX have provided an updated list of 20 (TWENTY!! ) Bad Boy Fails that clarifies once and for all  that signing with Diddy is not a good idea if your name isn’t Ciroc.

1. Craig Mack

Years Signed: 1994-1995, 2005

Fail Rating: 4 out of 5 Diddys

Why: Before Craig Mack was completely obscure he had been reduced to a punchline. After the release of his gold debut album ‘Project: Funk Da World’ the only time you’d hear Craig Mack’s name was when rappers were comparing something’s ugliness to his face. Harsh. The beginning of the end for Mack’s rap career came with the “Flava In Your Ear” remix where he was out-shined by every one featured on the song (except for Rampage Da Last Boyscout.)

Prior to the remix’s release, Mack had a hit single with the original and was destined for stardom. After the remix to ‘Flava In Your Ear’ dropped, everyone forgot about Mack thanks to a fellow named Biggie Smalls and a dancing Puff Daddy Diddy. Where’s Craig Mack these days? We don’t know, and sadly we doubt you care.



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