“It’s Pink Friday H*e!”

It’s 5pm on a Sunday; while most are enjoying dinner at a table with family, tons of Barbs are lined up outside the 14th Street Best Buy in New York( I should know, my little sister was one of them!). All to purchase a copy of Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated debut album “Pink Friday.” Only 200 people will receive wristbands to get their c.d signed on Tuesday and the line is wrapped around the corner. I admit for a minute I even contemplated going—caught up in the movement more than the music. Whether you like it or not, Nicki Minaj is more than just a big booty and pink hair, she represents female rap and how far it can go. She has broken Billboard records, been accepted amongst the boys and managed to upset the Queen Bee. All she has to do now is deliver a good album, because we all know it’s going to sell! Sure she has more personalities than a mental patient but there was a point in time when the only female rapper with a major record deal was Lil’Mama(we see how far that went). Nicki has sparked rebuttals from the greats and in doing so sparked an involuntary reemergence of female rappers. Whether they’re taking shots at her or not is irrelevant—Nicki has revived the femcee!

The long wait is finally over!

Roman’s Revenge is up first and although I’ve heard the hit on the radio numerous times before, it wouldn’t be right to skip it. With the first explosion of awkward noises I’m hyped. The beat is too hard for your limbs not to begin to sway or head begin to nod. Nicki attacks the beat on her second verse. Her animated flow compliments her ludicrous lyrics “I see them dusty a** Filas, raggedy a** holes in your knee-highs.” “Well b*tch if you aint sh*tting then get off the pot, got some n*ggas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top–” Nicki is after blood! “Roman’s Revenge” is easily the best song on the album followed by “Moment 4 Life” featuring Drake and Kanye West. Nicki flexed her lyrical abilities on the track. “I’m on a different type of high—heroine.” Not only does she rap she sings! Nicki admits to going extra hard on her verse because Kanye was on the song. I must admit, it’s hard to compete with Mr. West, and though her rhymes were tough, Kanye’s verse stood out. “Save Me” is the head Barbie’s favorite track (by this time I’m still wondering who the hell made the Roman’s Revenge beat) because it’s the most personal one on the album. The end reveals that the whole time she was rapping about finding herself. Not my favorite but I do enjoy the lack of narcissism and somewhat confusing beat. The always popular “Your Love” will remain in my top list of Nicki songs because of the sampled track. “Right Through Me” speaks to me the most (probably because I’m a female) and that’s when I realized that Pink Friday is definitely a chick album. “Muny” is a club banger and “Fly” featuring Rihanna is catchy.  Overall the album is better than decent, not great but for a rookie- but it deserves respect. I wanted more of Nicki’s crazy hooks, personality, and randomness; the album seemed to lack her creativity. Pink Friday wasn’t what I was expecting to hear but then again what was I expecting?

Buy it!

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