As Thanksgiving wines down and the turkeys are bound in aluminum foil for the next day’s leftovers, someone has abandoned resting after the long meal and ventured out into the night for Black Friday. Walking through the discounted isles of Walmart never seemed so scary…what kind of people would trample someone to death for a flat screen T.V?

Round Up: The 10 Best Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday has even become tradition for some, a punch here or there is nothing new. Are the sales on November 26 that great? You can probably find the most expensive gift on your Christmas Lists for half off(except any apple product) but is it worth yours or anyone else’s life?

I will brave the storms of Black Friday this year though (Best Buy has a lap-top on sale for $149.99) but I refuse to be the main feature on the 9 o’clock news.

Here are some tips to help you stay alive:

The weather this Black Friday (In New York) is going to be cold with chances of rain.

Bring gloves, a hat, scarf and thick coat.

Stay in the car if you can.

This isn’t The Titanic Rose wouldn’t get her a** off the wooden board for Jack but you and your partner can share moments standing in the cold. **Alternate waiting in-line with a friend or family member**

Bring music to shelter your ears from the complaining behind you.

Maintain military positioning until the doors of the store have opened.

Before putting on your I-Pod ask around, see who’s buying what. That way you know who your competitors are, who you have to avoid and who you could befriend for the time being.

Know the layout of the store and where they keep the product you plan on buying. Grab an associate immediately upon entering the store in case they need to get your item out of the stock room (multi-tasking is key!)

There will be a crowd so get there as early as you can (people line up after Thanksgiving dinner).

DO NOT SKIP THE LINE! You will cause the next World War.

Be ready to run!

And if all else fails…

Wait for ‘Cyber Monday’ (the internet version of Black Friday).

Black Friday Must-Buys

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