With all this talk and hype about Notorious, who is the next up for a bio pic?  Well, a movie about the life and tragic end of the life and career of R&B singer Aaliyah is in the works.  There are no definite release dates but its rumored that it will be released sometime in 2009.  There’s an unofficial trailer on YouTube.

Now, the question is…who will play the role of Aaliyah?  According to reports, Canadian singer Keisha Chante is up for the role.  But  rumors are still floating about Megan Good who has expressed that playing Aaliyah would be her most prized movie roll.

Check out the trailer below:

Good said in an interview last year:

I really, really want to do Aaliyah’s life story; I was a huge fan of hers. I think she’s such a positive role model. She really kind of handled the industry with such class and such respect for herself. Even though there are things that you may have heard,  here or there, the way that she handled it and the way that she was.. was just so classy and so beautiful.”

Words: Rhonesha Byng

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