50 Cent is not done pushing Lil Wayne into a corner and he has no plans of backing off until the Cash Money rapper responds.

The G-Unit honcho threw his first jabs at Lil Wayne by labeling the New Orleans rapper a ‘whore’ for appearing on everyone’s records and aligning with his long line of enemies which include Fat Joe and Ja Rule.

Lil Wayne would give the impression that he would not be getting into a war of words with 50 but this past November, a track titled “Louisianimal” began making its rounds on the internet.

On the song, Wayne took shots at 50 saying: ‘All about a dollar, fuck two quarters/Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that vitamin water/I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous. [Listen to ‘Louisianimal’]

Members on various rap message boards claimed that “Louisianimal” was an old track that got leaked but 50 Cent wasn’t buying that excuse when he was asked to give his opinion on the record.

50 questioned Lil Wayne’s failure to address when the song was released and his last words in relation to the song during a December interview with Shade 45 was, “I’ll leave it like it is right now and wait till I’m comfortable and then I’ll do what I do.

Well folks, it’s seems that 50 is in an extra comfortable zone as the rapper returned with a one-two combo on Saturday (January 10).  The hook was delivered early in the morning when 50 dropped a record titled “Play It On The Radio” where he attacked Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Oprah.

On the track, 50 refers to Kanye West as a faggot, tells Oprah to suck a dick for dismissing hip hop and dares Lil Wayne to respond and join his list of ‘missing rappers’. [Listen to “Play It On The Radio“]

Later on in the day, 50 would deliver the uppercut by calling into Shade 45 to give his reasoning for attacking the aforementioned individuals.  As for Wayne, the G-Unit honcho claims he attacked the Cash Money rapper because of his continued alliance with his enemies and the fact the Weezy did not address the “Louisianimal” track.

He didn’t indentify if the material was old or new.  If it came out and it was something old that I wrote, I would have just said ‘It was old material.  Like when he said this, I wrote that’.  That’s understandable.  But the track is new to the public so they don’t understand [that],” 50 Cent explained.  “[The public] is like ‘That nigga had a bad batch! He just jumped out at 50 for no reason!’ because I was sitting there chilling and I’m like ‘What he say?’ I was on the movie set when I heard it for the first time, I was like ‘What that little nigga say?'”

When asked whether he viewed Wayne as a worthy opponent, 50 said that the Cash Money star is not on his level and predicted his coming downfall if he responded.

If he say something back then i’mma drop the bomb on his ass.  It’s gonna be hard for me to get off him for a little while. I don’t really look at him as competition.  He’s not [my equivalent],” 50 said.  “He had a great album but I believe he’s gonna exhaust the public with his sound because he’s on so many different records.  He’s a talented artist; you can’t take that away from him.  But if you put him in a space where we’re in direct competition, my consistency will break his neck.”

Canibus was a talented artist and he came at the wrong time towards LL Cool J,” 50 continued. “If [Wayne] makes a mistake of responding and we go back and forth and my album is what I believe it is and it hits the streets hard as it’s gonna hit, it could damage him completely at this point.”

50 Cent would then reveal his attacks on Oprah Winfrey were fueled by her disregard to support hip hop.

Oprah Winfrey is prejudice towards hip hop. I don’t like people who don’t like me and the art form in general. She had Ludacris in a defensive position when he was speaking for the entire art form because he said ‘Move bitch, get out the way’. He’s not even the guy who writes extreme content on his record but she had him in that space,” 50 explained.  “She had Ice Cube’s entire cast for his TV show come to her show without Ice Cube.  So that means regardless of the success you have away from [hip hop] and because you come from where you come from, she’s judging you saying, ‘Now matter how much success you have, I don’t actually wanna see you.‘”

I guarantee you won’t ever see Jay-Z in that motherfucker without Beyonce bringing him on as a guest or something, he’s a chaperone at that point, a security guard,” the G-Unit honcho continued.  “He’s never gonna be there on his own under any circumstances because she’s gonna look at him and still see the drug dealer from Marcy projects [instead] of all the positive and successful things he has done since that.”

It’s almost like she’s not acknowledging that the greatest stories come from people who come from adversities,” 50 added. “She’ll have Karrine ‘Superhead’ Stephans on the show, she’ll have someone whose sucked everyone’s dick  in [hip hop] to talk about how [hip hop ] is bad.  How many black successful entrepreneurs has hip hop produced as an art form?  Why shouldn’t it be acknowledged?  They’ll put a rapist on there, they’ll put a murderer on there before a hip hop artist.”

During 50’s last interview with Shade 45, the rapper revealed he was disappointed with the current hip hop scene and he was on a mission to take it back to its essence.  The G-Unit honcho once again revealed his disenchantment with the hip hop scene yesterday and used Kanye’s latest album as an example.

It’s interesting, the things that I’m seeing working [now] would never work traditionally in hip hop period.  It was almost taboo to say love.  It was reserved for LL Cool J to write that kind of record and now you’ve got 808’s & Heartbreak, a whole love record,” 50 sneered. “It’s an artistic project but to think a hip hop artist can go make an R&B project, its great, I’m excited that he got away with it.  That album was supposed to brick, it was supposed to be a cinder block.  They’ll complain about you singing too much on a chorus [and now] you have people singing the whole album, its interesting.

Last month, 50’s MTV reality show which premiered in November was cancelled due to poor ratings.  The rapper spoke about the show’s cancellation for the first time during the interview simply saying: “[The] reality show was nothing but a commercial for my album, an additional presence on the network.”

A slew of 50 Cent records have hit the internet in the past week including his new single “I Get It In” and “It Could’ve Been You” which features R. Kelly and Bishop Lamont.

50 revealed  that the  record featuring R. Kelly was an old record which was part of Dr. Dre’s Detox album and the version of “I Get It In” which is currently floating on the net and getting spins on the radio is unmixed.

“I did that song with R. Kelly two years ago, I recorded that for Detox and then Dr. Dre had R. Kelly come afterwards.  I didn’t know Kells was on that joint.” 50 divulged. ”I Get It In” isn’t even mixed.  That record leaked.  The record is getting mixed Monday. Dre ain’t finished the record.”

When I work with Dre, he will give me a skeleton, the record may just have a kick or a snare, like a bass loop to it.  I’ll then write the lyrics to it, we’ll hear what I’m saying and we’ll say ‘this is a hit’ and [Dre] will go build everything around it,” 50 explained.  “[I Get It In] was built a little better than a lot of stuff we’ve done before.  The record hasn’t even been mixed and it’s been added to the radio, that’s how you know it’s a hit“.

50 would wrap up the interview revealing that he plans to go on a nationwide tour this year and he hopes to be joined onstage by Dre and Eminem when he hits their respective cities, Los Angeles and Detroit.  50 plans to film his concert run in 3-D and release it via Lions Gate Films.

Before I Self Destruct is slated to hit stores in February and will feature appearances from Dr. Dre, Eminem, Nate Dogg and G-Unit rappers Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

To hear the G-Unit general’s thoughts be sure to check out the audio here.

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