Many people were introduced to the music of Raheem Devaughn for the first time yesterday when his racy music video for “Single” hit the internet.

The R&B singer discussed the video with in an interview, but unlike the video, everything we wanted to know about the video was kept covered up!

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Those sex scenes were super intense, are you sure that was just acting?

No one will ever know.

Are you saying those scenes might’ve been real?

That’s the part I love. I really don’t have to say that. No one will ever know.

You’ve never done a video before close to this erotic, what was your motivation?

I wanted to create an image that was tasteful, but cutting edge, provocative, grown… real. I wanted to have people guessing and jaw-dropping. I knew it was going to be big but I didn’t guess all this. I was curious to see just how many people are checking for me, but it looks like a lot of people are.

Check out the full interview at!

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