Being the subject of a Jay-Z diss record hasn’t exactly been the highlight of many folks lives.

We all remember “The Takeover” very well, and we’re certain Prodigy of Mobb Deep remembers as well.

In an interview with, DJ Premier revealed some details about an unreleased record he produced for the Jiggaman that dissed several people from early in his career.

There’s a Jay-Z one where he was getting a little slick at a lot of people. I won’t even say their names. He said a lot of slick sh*t about a lot of people from the era he was coming through when he was just coming out with Reasonable Doubt. He was airing them out and doing it properly. If he had done it, he would have been respected for it. He did it so dope, and so cleverly, and he was so witty with it. But he erased it, so it’s going to be a memory I take to the grave. But it’s all gravy because Jay and I are good friends so I would never violate him like that.

Primo also reveals a list of people he’s never worked with that he would love to hit the studio with.  The list includes names like Q-Tip, Ghostface Killah and Chuck D.

Check out the full interview on!

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