With Jodeci “coming clean” on their  TV One show, member Jo-Jo’s baby mother is coming clean about some of her own things.She wrote this letter explaining that Jo-Jo should come clean about being gay and being a dead beat dad!

“I decided to come to Guy’s Not only for some help in exposing Jo-Jo (jodeci) A**!! But to let you know , he is a DEADBEAT!!!

I have a 13 year old daughter from him and he only pays 300 dollars a month after I dropped 70,000 dollars for him. My daughter was not on the show because they said I will cause too much Drama.

If he is gonna come clean he needs to come clean about Being a Deadbeat and not seeing his kids. He has 5 from 5 different baby mothers and does not call them. The show aired in Feb 2010, he still has not spoke to them.

He needs to come clean about his drug (coke) problem he has and getting fingered in his a**. Im upset so excuse me. But Tvone has alot of nerve promoting that come clean bullsh*t.”

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K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean On TV One

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