In this next installment of our Smirnoff Inspire DJ series we speak with DJ Diamond Kuts. The Philadelphia native has been a tour DJ for Lil Mama and Nicki Minaj, can be seen co-hosting BET’s “The Deal” and was named DJ of The Year by Black Girls Rock.

Who inspired you to become a DJ and why?

My dad [DJ Grand Tone] inspired me alongside DJ Cosmic Kev, Beverly Bond, Jazzy Joyce and Cocoa Chanelle, all of them. Kev is somebody that I respect because he’s been DJ’ing for so long and is still on top of his game. As far Cocoa Chanelle, Jazzy Joyce and Beverly Bond go, they were females that were doing what I wanted to do and they were doing such a great job at it, and still are. I always aspired to be like them when I wanted to continue with DJ’ing. I used to read about them in magazines and all of the great things they do is something that I wanted to do when I got to their level and I am spinning.

When did you start taking DJ’ing seriously?

I started spinning maybe like seven, eight years ago, but I really started taking it serious five years ago when I started really getting the hang of radio [Power 99 in Philadelphia]. Before, I was DJ’ing in my basement or at a store called Sneaker Villa, it’s a sneaker store in Philadelphia.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a DJ?

Do your research. Just study music. Don’t be biased. Play all types of music. There [are] so many different genres [of music out here] you don’t want to get stuck just playing Hip-Hop or just Reggae or just R&B. Just play everything, be real diverse. Just do your history and learn about the music that you’re playing and do your history on the crowd that you’re playing for.

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