CLOSE snagged some tidbits from Yo! Raps.

In light of all the Notorious film drama, Charlie Baltimore put her two cents in about Lil Kim: “Me and Faith had words and we definitely had our little moments but we never had any physical altercations. It wasn’t anything totally disrespectful. When B.I.G. passed, I called Faith and gave my condolences to her children because I thought that was the right thing to do. She knew about me and I knew that B.I.G. still had feelings for her. They were going through a separation, a divorce. The problem that comes is that Lil Kim made it seem like she had a relationship with B.I.G. that they really didn’t have,” Baltimore said about her relationship with Biggie’s wife Faith Evans. Charli went on to talk about Biggie’s “wannabe” girlfriend Lil Kim.

“Kim goes out of her [Faith Evans] way to say she was B.I.G.’s girl. No, Kim wasn’t his girl! Straight up! She wasn’t! She benefited from the situation because she became Lil Kim. She has a career and she’s grateful to a n*gga for helping her in that aspect, but she was never his girl!”

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