When I first interviewed Miguel, I wasn’t completely aware of his musical talents, though friends and co-workers told me about it, I had yet to find the one song that would catapult me into fan territory.

I had heard ‘All I Want Is You” on the radio more than a million times and was slightly impressed; more so with the lyrics than his range or vocal tone. It wasn’t until I watched him perform at SOB’s that I realized Miguel might be something underrated by me. When I received his debut album “All I want Is You” I slipped it into my Mac and let his music speak for itself. Immediately “Sure Thing” my favorite song from his SOB performance came on—no intro just ‘Love you like a brother, treat you like a friend, sex you like a lover.” I was effortlessly drawn into the soft drums and delicate melody. Already impressed I skipped the second track “All I Want Is You” and let “Girl With The Tattoo” move through my speakers. I was disappointed, not at the song but that it was only an intro. “Girl With The Tattoo” could have lasted for twenty minutes and every second of it would have been orally pleasing. It is a tasteful acapella tune showcasing his beautiful voice.

Quickie is also a favorite–“I don’t wanna be loved, I don’t wanna be loved by you. I just want a quickie no bite marks no scratches and no hickies” Overload is a certified club banger! The beat is complex and electric, something to be valued when dancing with a hard drink in your hand. It’s almost futuristic without being too pop to be considered R&B. And that brings me to my ultimate favorite song of the album—Teach Me. It’s so reminiscent of Prince yet Miguel’s personality shines through. The electric guitars don’t overpower the song, they only enhance it; it’s an experience listening to “Teach Me” with all the different instruments and levels. “Teach Me” is a masterpiece of a song.  When the beat slows in the end it forces you into a trance. “Vixen,” To The Moon and “My Piece” rounds out the extremely impressive debut album. “All I Want Is You” is exactly what R&B needed!

“You can be my piece, click clack click clack; tell them all get back!”

Best Song: Teach Me

Listen here:

“All I Want Is You” is definitely the most impressive album of the year; Up in the top 5 with Drake Kanye and Trey Songz.

 Purchase 2 copies, one for home and one for the car!


1. “Sure Thing”

2. “All I Want Is You” feat. J. Cole

3. “Girl With the Tattoo Enter.lewd”

4. “Play Me”

5. “Quickie”

6. “Girls Like You”

7. “Overload Enter.lewd”

8. “Hard Way”

9. “Teach Me”

10. “Hero”

11. “Vixen”

12. “To the Moon”

13. “My Piece”

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