It’s the end of the year and it sure has been an interesting one. As the days of 2010 wine down I reflect on the songs that made me dance, cry, nod, and those that made the hairs rise on the back of my neck. These songs were the most played on my I-Pod and the highest rated. So let’s get this started…

10.Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In the Paint

Waka Flocka has been the subject of scrutiny all year for his “educational woes,” weird name and ridiculous rants, non-the-less he released a good album. No one really knows what “Hard In The Paint” means but I know it gets the whole club live!

9.Dirty Money- Hello Good Morning

Diddy knows how to deliver a hit, even if Dirty Money aren’t together for much longer “Hello Good Morning” was a summer anthem.

8.Usher- OMG

As much as I despise the pop/ R&b movement, I love Usher’s “OMG.” The beat is something special and it goes extra hard in the club. It definitely made me want to dance.

7.Jahiem- Finding My Way Back

Jahiem was missing off the radar for awhile, but don’t fear mid-aged women, he made a come-back with my number 7 favorite song of the year.

6. Usher ft. Nicki Minaj-Lil’ Freak

I’m not a big fan of Usher’s latest work but Lil’ Freak was a certified club- banger. I couldn’t even touch the dance floor if this song wasn’t played!

5. Nicki Minaj- Roman’s Revenge

Nicki Minaj was on everything this year and released her debut album which debuted at #2 against Kanye West. Roman’s Revenge features rap genius Eminem. Em may be on the track but he doesn’t destroy Nicki like he did Jay-Z on “Renegades.” Nicki Minaj ripped this song and every time I listen to it I get even hyper.

4. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj- Monster

As a female, Nicki Minaj definitely represented hard for us! Nicki held her own against the two best rappers out (in my opinion). “Monster” was one of Kanye West’s “Good Friday” releases and sparked a world of controversy. Rick Ross was on the track too but his few lines sucked so much that we don’t even recognize him being featured.

3.Chris Brown- No Bllsh*t

Off the “Fan Of A Fan” mixtape, No Bullsh*t besides “Too Freaky” was the song that sent my libido into a whirlwind. Maybe it was the soft-porn like video or soft vocals, no matter what it was- it was enchanting to my ears and eyes.

2. Rihanna- Rude Boy

I was never that great of a Rihanna fan until this year. The first time I heard “Rude Boy” I was hooked. The lyrics were seductive and racy. Rihanna looked HOT in the video and I was hypnotized by her hip movement. I couldn’t wait to get to the club and bust a wine!

1.Drake- Find Your Love

Who would of thought the teen from Degrassi who rolled in a wheelchair before a Bentley would top off my list. The beat to “Find Your Love,” produced by Kanye West was the ULTIMATE smash for me. Being so heavily influence by R&B the mixture of both Drake’s flow and song was perfect! I love Drake’s voice and loved his album for showcasing it more than most other people expected or appreciated.


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