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Brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory started BMF (Black Mafia Family) in their hometown of Detroit, but it was in Atlanta where the siblings turned the drug organization into a national, wholesale cocaine empire.

At their height, Demetrius aka Big Meech and Terry aka Southwest T employed a network of several hundred couriers, distributors, and money-launderers in nearly a dozen states. BMF had cornered the market for wholesale cocaine in Atlanta.

A billboard towered over I-75 and Peachtree Road proclaiming, “THE WORLD IS BMF’S,” which was a reference to the organization’s record label. Big Meech had become a fixture in Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, promoting BMF as a record label and showing up in videos for Young Jeezy and Bleu DaVinci. At the same time, feds were listening on wiretaps, setting up surveillance teams, and building the case that would eventually topple BMF’s empire.

The History Channel’s “Gangland” series profiled BMF in a recent episode. Watch it below!


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