In the next installment of our Smirnoff Inspire series Grammy Award winning producer and DJ 9th Wonder talks about how one of his favorite movies made him want to be a DJ.

1) What and who inspired you to be a DJ?

The Movie Juice inspired me.  I saw GQ in that room by himself and it changed my life.  I didn’t get my OWN turntables until 2003…..around 1998 DJ MC taught me a few things on the turntables.

2) What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

Know the history of music.   Serato will NOT help you DJ; it is only made so we don’t have to carry records.  LEARN the music that you are playing.

3)Why is the DJ still relevant in the age of the iPod “DJ”

Because DJ’s are FASCINATING!  It is really a SHOW when u see a DJ ROCK a crowd….period.  I saw Green Lantern DJ and ’bout LOST my mind a few months back………he put on a SHOW.


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