Before I say goodbye to 2010, I have to reflect on the albums that rocked my speakers.There weren’t too many albums that kept me interested so these 10 are very special…Who will make it to the top?

10. Ludacris- Battle Of The Sexes

Battle Of The sexes spawned the ultimate booty popping song of 2010 “How Low Can You Go” and no matter where I was at hearing the song, I had to get low! It also had the hits “My Chick Bad” ft. Nicki Minaj and “Sex Room.”

9. Chris Brown- Fan Of A Fan, In My Zone**

I know this isn’t an album but 3 mixtapes in one year equal out to one!

Chris Brown put out an album in 2009, but it failed to gain the respect he craved. He bounced back with my 2 favorite Mixtapes of the year. Though they aren’t technically albums I like to break rules, and they deserve recognition. My favorite songs are: “Too Freaky,” “No Bullsh*t,” and “Holla At Me.”

8. Monica- Still Standing

The things I love most about Monica’s album is that is based off of love. After watching her life come to a screeching halt from the death of her husband she managed to make am album with beautiful songs like “Love All Over Me.”

7. Usher- Raymond Vs. Raymond

Not my favorite Usher album, but I can’t deny how many songs I fell in love with the summer because of it. “Daddy’s Home,” OMG,” DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” “Lil’ Freak,”and “There Goes My Baby.”

6. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

“Power” and “Monster” saved this album for me. While everyone is baffled by Kanye’s musical genius I was less enthused.

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Album Review

5. Jay-Z: The Hits Collection Vol.1

Come on–It’s Hov– what else is there to say?

4. Trey Songz- Passion, Pain & Pleasure

When I found out Trey Songz would be releasing another album just off the heels of his previous album “Ready” I was skeptical over how good it would be. I was surprised to find that trey pulled off another good album. It wasn’t as great as “Ready” but definitely a look up for R&B.

3. Drake- Thank Me Later

Drake delivered a great album, just like I expected–WEIRD–usually such a highly anticipated release fails to measure up to peoples expectations. Drake sang too much on the album for some, but I loved every note of it! “Find Your Love” is my number one song of the year in fact.

2.Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday Deluxe Edition

Nicki Minaj’s album isn’t better than Drake’s but needless to say, I enjoy it more. I am a female and Nicki and I vibe on certain aspects of life. I can’t get enough of her drive and it is very much broad casted on the album. It’s almost like a motivational album; when I’m feeling in doubt I pop in “Pink Friday!”

“Higher Higher, More FIRE!”

Nicki Minaj Album Review

1. Miguel “All I Want Is You”

I interviewed Miguel earliaer in the year and he didn’t warn me that I was about to fall in love with him and his album. It is a true classic R&B album I listen to every morning. “All I Want Is You” is equipped with enough love, sex and ego to last you a lifetime.

Miguel Jontel “All I Want Is You” Album Review & Tracklisting


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