I remember Tron from my childhood. I don’t remember if I saw the movie but I remember having the veiwmaster and watching it amazed at the colors and computer graphics.

28 years later there is a sequel to “Tron” that has improved on every aspect of the original movie while staying true to the original.

The original “Tron” was groundbreaking, in that it highlighted the fledgling video game and computer industries and incorporated them into film. “Tron” also imagined a world where people interacted with other people through computers and avatars.

“Tron: Legacy” brings back the dark electronic distopia from the first film and incorporates the gladiator video game combat element as well as the cool video game based vehicles. While improving upon the graphics and animation on the original, the movie also ads something the original was missing, interesting characters and character based drama.

While the technology may be the star of the movie, Jeff Bridges brings the drama, playing both the film’s hero and father, Kevin Flynn as well as the film’s villain, Clu 2. Bridges does a great job separating the two characters and the computer animation used makes Clu 2 look 30 years younger than Flynn.

While Flynn has mellowed out and become an old Phil Jackson hippie type in the mold of Bridges “Big Lebowski” character “The Dude,” Clu 2, is a corporate tehcnocrat based on the Flynn character of the first movie. It is interesting that the filmmakers chose to make Flynn’s avatar, the villain of the “Tron” character rather than a villain from the first movie, perhaps making a statement on the evils of our digital beings.

The film makes use of the 3D effect very well. Creating a realistic computer world full of code and colors that we could imagine would inhabit the world of computers.

“Tron: Legacy” is rightly titlred. It shows the legacy of “Tron” not just as a story line but as the legacy of the computer, video games, the internet and computer companies. “Tron: Legacy” does a good job in removing us from our own digital world and placing us in the digital dystopia, based on our own computer creations. “Tron: Legacy” lives up to its Legacy while creating its own.

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