In the next installment of our Smirnoff Inspire DJ series we check in with the “Prince Of NY” DJ Self. The Brooklyn party starter can be heard on NY’s Power 105.1 and talks about his biggest influence DJ Kid Capri.

TheUrbanDaily: Who inspired you to DJ, and why?

DJ Self: Kid Capri definitely inspired me. He was the only DJ at the time who seemed like an artist as well as a DJ. He had mic skills, and this amazing ability to control the crowd. He was one of the only DJs who controlled the crowd with not only the music and the records he was playing, but his voice also. He had great music selection; he played old school, throwbacks and new ish. Also, the energy level of Kid Capri was the greatest! He was the only DJ I saw that was using the microphone and turntable as instruments, with the call and response and different things he would say to get the crowd to move.

Everyone wants control over something. Sometimes people want to be the president of the United States, because you can control the whole country, you know? So just having that control over a couple of people, that’s the best. A couple hundred, a couple thousand that’s always the best and then you get to see what works and what doesn’t work. He would be the only person at that time to get a party real crazy and I was just more into the party and club DJs more than like the radio or mixtape DJ. Listening to Kid Capri most of the time, most of the stuff he did always worked. This was a guy that seemed like he didn’t gamble because most of the stuff he did worked. Or if he did gamble he always won!

What advice would you give aspiring DJs on the come up?

Promote yourself, promote yourself, promote yourself and never give up!


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