What do Antoine Dodson, Amare Stoudemire and Lil’Kim have in common? They’re all a part of my favorite celebs list for 2010!

Here’s why these 10 made my list:

Antoine Dodson made it out the hood and did it without sweating out his perm!

Lil’Kim just won’t give it up; and I love her tenacity. Forget “Bowing out gracefully,” Kim isn’t going to let Nicki steal the spotlight.

Amare Stoudemire  reinvigorated the Knicks!

Tiny “Tameka” Cottle-Harris married her true love and sticks by his side like no other. Besides that…we both have red hair!

Nicki Minaj released a hot c.d this year and developed a cult like following of colorful Barbies.

Shamika’s 10 Favorite Nicki Minaj Lyrics Of 2010

Fabolous is still killing them with the hottest freestyle I heard all year!

Chris Brown put out 3 great mixtapes, cried on the BET awards and made me melt with his music video “no Bullsh*t.”

Drake supposedly got punched in the face but beyond that showed his lyrical skills on his debut album “Thank Me Later.”

Miguel also had a debut album with made it to number 1 on my Favorite Albums Of 2010 list!

Honorable mentions:

Raz-B…(speaks for itself)

Shamika’s Top 10 Songs Of 2010

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