One of the greatest challenges of any news gathering organization is deciding what is popular with the  people. You can provide positive stories like  A Tribe Called Quest reuniting for diabetes benefit show and  a youth Football league run by Tone from The Trackmasters or dumb stuff like an idiot getting hit by an ice cream truck, but certain things will always get more attention than others.

Here is a list of the top 10 Most Popular stories of 2010 based on traffic. Some may surprise you, others will not.

10) Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter: My Dad Is Very Hurt Over Porn

For a moment it seemed that the entire world was consumed with the news that Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana was starting a career in the adult entertainment business. No one could understand why the daughter of someone famous would choose to have sex on camera for a living but she insisted in many interviews that this is what she wanted to do with her life. This story was the first time she spoke about her dad’s feelings on the situation and to no one’s surprise, he was not pleased.

9)Raz B Admits To Getting Freaky With Other B2K Members[VIDEO]

Former B2K manager Chris Stokes has been facing allegations of molesting members of the group for years, but in 2010 Raz-B took center stage going on detailed record about the acts he performed on fellow members of the band at Stokes’ request.

8)Oops! Girl Trey Songz Kissed At Summerjam is 15!

This year at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in NY Trey Songz picked a lucky female to come on stage with him. Trigga kissed the girl intensely and made her say “ahh” pouring water down her mouth. The “inventor of sex” may be checking IDs next time he pulls that stunt because the young lady was rumored to be only 15 years old.

7) How To Get Two-Pieced By a 67-Year-Old Man

A ride on the AC bus in Oakland turned violent when a Black man took offense to a white man asking him to shine his shoes.  A verbal exchange ensued and the older man (known as “Epic Beard Man”) walked away but the Black man, thinking he had an easy target, pursued. The result was the creation of signs and t-shirts with the catch phrase “call the ambalamps” emblazoned on them with the image of the black dude with a bloody face wishing he’d stayed in his seat.

6) Wanna Know What Beyonce Looks Like In The Morning?

The cliche goes that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it was worth thousands of clicks. The headline was pretty benign but Bey must have way more fans than we ever imagined. The shot of Beyonce waving to the paparazzi in her pjs revealed far less than her GIANT MAG shoot from years back but fans couldn’t get enough of it.

5) Hoopz Confirms Her Engagement To Shaq

“Flavor Of Love” reality tv star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander confirmed on Twitter that she was engaged to be married to Shaquille O’Neal. No one could believe that the recently divorced Shaq would move so quickly to lockdown Flavor Flav’s sloppy seconds but Love and Basketball was the order of the day. Unfortunately, the engagement doesn’t seem to have made it through the new year. Was it this video?

4) 10 Scandals Waiting To Happen

Krystal Ball may have been a trending topic on Google, but’s own Shamika Sanders pulled out her crystal ball to predict 10 scandals that were waiting to happen. Our very own Ms. Cleo predicted everything from a Dirty Money break-up to a Christina Milian sextape. But she actually got one right…almost. (see #2)

3) Male Groupie Supertongue Exposes Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Sherri Shepherd

We like to have fun here at TheUrbanDaily and our resident comedy team, ThatsWhatsUp! couldn’t resist making fun of women like Superhead and Kat Stacks “exposing” the rappers they’d been with. So “SuperTongue” was born and boy did he have some stories to tell!

2) RUMOR: Drake Punched by Lil Wayne In The Face

Mediatakout rumored that Lil Wayne punched Drake in the face after being released from prison for allegedly sleeping with his girlfriend. While denied it happened on is Twitter page (“You got the story wrong…Lil Wayne punched me in my arm cause he saw a VW beetle pass by,”) what made it crazy was that we’d predicted something crazy like that would happen. (see #4)




The #1 most clicked story of 2010 is…

1) Trina Nude Pics Leak Online

Back in March several cellphone pictures of Trina made their way onto the eagerly anticipating web. It’s a little-known  fact that the Diamond Princess spent all of 30 minutes as a stripper in Miami before she started rapping, so it’s inspired a lot of searches for her naked truth on the ‘net. In this particular case there was something more substantial than a fake-out page to download a Trojan virus.

According to her reps someone “hacked” Trina’s cell phone and posted photos she’d sent to her then boo Kenyon Martin. “Now I’m having it looked into by the FBI, ” she told MTV. No word on whether she found the culprit. But you should hide your kids, hide your phones just in case.

So while Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj stole most of the headlines in 2010 for their back-and-forth beef, when it comes to giving the people what they want, Trina is still “da baddest.”



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