Not in the holiday spirit? Feeling like more of Grinch? Then this list of disgusting movie scenes is for you.

I’m personally not a big fan of gore and carnage on the big screen and after reading the descriptions of some of these films my mind hasn’t been changed. However, there must be an audience for this kind of thing because these films keep making big money at the box office.

Check out Moviefone’s list of the 10 Most Disgusting Movie Scenes of 2010 and see if you can keep your lunch down.

4. ‘Saw 3D’ — The guy glued to the car seat

If you sign up for a ‘Saw’ film, you know you’re going to get extreme torture and mutilation but you also get messages like, “Don’t be a racist!” Because if you are, you just might find yourself glued (naked, of course) to a car seat, like poor Chester Bennington (yes, the lead singer of Linkin Park). The only way to free himself is to — very, very painfully — rip the flesh off his backside. That’s one (very cruel, very unusual) way to teach tolerance.


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