If you have not been put on to Coco and Breezy this past year, allow me to re-introduce the 19 year old fashion designers from Minnesota.

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The identical twins Coco and Breezy came to New York City with nothing but faith and hope. With their unique style and fearless attitudes they are sure to stand out in any crowd. The two had one goal and that was to make their dream of being successful fashion designers come true.

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Coco and Breezy would have never thought that one red carpet appearance from r&b singer Ashanti wearing their eye wear would change their entire lives. Now the two are some of todays youngest successful fashion designer. Coco and Breezy’s eye wear has been worn by more than a few celebs like Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Trina, Tila Tequila, Miguel and the list goes on. They have also been featured in tons of magazines and your fav blog sites on the net. Check below as Jazzy F. speaks with Breezy for an exclusive interview.

“We are innovators, Coco and Breezy started the trend and then we moved on to the next thing”

TUD: How did the movement begin?

Breezy: Being from Minnesota no one would take our style serious. They thought we were just some crazy weird females. People would point at us and laugh at our creativity. We created the eye wear to avoid the people, not thinking that anyone would wear them. We came to New York with the eye wear and it just blew out of the water.

Why do you think Coco and Breezy are in popular demand?

I think it was just Coco and Breezy being ourselves. We have our own unique style and in our minds we are in a world of our own. We used our unique style as a branding tool to show people how to wear Coco and Breezy shades. “I feel that is what made young people interested in the product.”

Does the twin thing work in your favor?

I think having another companion that can relate works. Sometimes family can’t work together, but we have a connection that no one else has. “We balance each other out.” We have rarely ever been separated our entire life is has been less than 10 times.

What do you guys have to say about imitators?

It’s a beautiful thing, meaning we are doing our jobs right. We are innovators, There are designers that started the trend, and there are designers that copy the trend. Coco and Breezy started the trend and then we moved on to the next thing. “Our new collection is bananas.” The imitators are doing it for the trend and they aren’t going to last.

Any pressures being young fashion Designers & Business women?

We feel no pressure at all, this is something that we always wanted to do. We always wanted to be entrepreneurs. We always wanted to do fashion, but we didn’t know that we would make a career out of it. We are very strong minded. We do whatever it takes to go for it and sometimes we school older people. Everyone has their own calling and I think Coco and Breezy were meant for this. Coco is the nice one and myself Breezy is more hardcore,we balance each other out.

How do you feel when people stare?

I think when people stare they are intrigued or confused. Sometimes it pisses me off, but I keep in mind I would be intrigued by me as well, If I didn’t know me. I would wonder what do they do, why do they have so many tattoos or why do they wear their hair like that?

How do you compare NYC to Minnesota?

We love the grind here in New York City. In Minnesota there was not much opportunities. Here in New York City there is so much more resources and people are more open minded. I feel there is no excuse to ever sit down and get comfortable here in New York City. “It’s exciting.”

How does being young business women affect your personal and love life?

We don’t do it for the money we love what we do. I don’t have time for a personal life, I rather work hard now so when I am older I can just kick it. Some people wanna be successful, but they don’t. Its not about having fun or sleeping a whole 8 hours. Its about making sacrifices. As far as our love life, we have our main squeezes, but we don’t wanna be tied down. A lot of guys our age don’t think how we think. Sometimes we are really busy. “Our fashion line is our boyfriend.”

Any artist that haven’t worn Coco and Breezy that you like to see in your product?

There are quite a few. We would love to get Lady Gaga in some of our creations. We just want the right personalities to wear it. You have to have the confidence to wear our product.

Whats the new Wearable Art Collection About?

What we are putting out no one has done it yet. This is all new nothing is revamped. We have created pieces that you can wear about 5 different ways, we are very exited about our new line and we have some surprises coming as well.

What made you guys create a unisex product?

Coco and Breezy is a lifestyle and to live a lifestyle there is no gender. “You have to have the confidence to wear Coco and Breezy.” We are all about being open minded and not putting people in a box. People like to explore now days, in our eyes were in 2020.

Where so you see Coco and Breezy 5 years from now?

We see ourselves expanding the brand and becoming a household name. We will be adding more accessories and clothing to the brand in the future.We currently custom hand craft each piece and would love to be in production where we wont have to just do it ourselves. More so to have people working with us to create a great product.


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