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The full version of Foxy Brown’s “Lil Kim” diss, “Massacre” was debuted by DJ Kay Slay on his “Drama Hour” radio show. A snippet of the song was leaked last week and unfortunately things don’t get much better.  After a hiatus from music to handle her legal problems Foxy attempts to resurrect her career by going after her old nemesis Lil Kim, who has her crotch-grabbing hands full right now with Nicki Minaj.

We don’t know what happened at the 1:37 mark where the song cuts off but we can only guess that the music gods were trying to send a message. For a Lil Kim “diss” she spends more time talking about her shoes than Ms. Jones. Pretty much the only thing we can co-sign is her calling out Kim for saying she loves Biggie but hates on his mom Ms. Wallace.

Still spending money from that ‘Touch Me Tease Me‘”….

*Le sigh* [Spotted at]


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