Well, you know what they say: If you want something done right, you’re going to have to do it yourself. The Yahoo! Business section is now reporting that rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has purchased his very own production company (with the unappealing name of Cheetah Vision) and that he already has his first project picked out. Jackson announced that he’s selected the script The Dance as his first film under his Cheetah banner, and that he’ll star alongside Nicolas Cage in the action-drama.

Jackson will play a boxer who is sent to state prison (well, what else could we expect? 50 Cent as a sensitive tax attorney?) and Cage will play the founder of a boxing program within the prison. According to Jackson, The Dance “was previously passed around a little bit but both me and Nicolas Cage had an interest in the film so it will still happen.”

Now that Jackson has his very own shingle, he has plans for all kinds of films in the near future. He says, “They are all different types of movies that I bought the rights to, and we’re developing projects. You will see different things from me in the future.” Jackson has slowly been working his way onto the big screen over the last couple of years, but as we all know, it didn’t work out as planned. That said, he still has a few more chances to make a name for himself as an actor when he stars in Streets of Blood with Val Kilmer and 13 with Mickey Rourke.

Sound off below on whether you think Jackson has what it takes to make it to the Oscar podium, or is he better off staying in the recording studio?

SOURCE: Cinematical

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