They’ve made you laugh, made you cry, made you think and have won awards in their respective field for their talent. But contrary to popular belief, talent is limited and these selected few have decided to branch out into the rap world with mixed results. These are the Top 5 Actors Who Should NEVER Rap!

5. Brian Austin Greene –

The former 90210 star may have been musically inclined on the show, but in the real world, his talent lacked that certain nack that would’ve qualified him for the Grammy’s. His song “You Send Me” had the Pharcyde co-sign, but this non-embeddable video was so embarassing, they sent Greene back to the far side of Beverly Hills.

4. David Faustino –

This is probably why Al and Peggy got a divorce.

3. Rodney Dangerfield –

Who knows how much respect he got in the streets for this one, but the late, great comedian could battle rap himself better than anyone else in the game!

2. Jim Carrey –

Sometimes your behavior is excused because of a special occasion. In this case, funnyman Jim Carrey has his birthday party and 50 Cent to blame for his behavior. Don’t believe me? Check out why…

And the number one actor who shouldn’t ever rap EVER, EEEVVVVEEERRR is….

1. Joaquin Phoenix –

His acting career hasn’t tanked… yet… But if this album comes out, or even the footage shot by Ben Affleck, Hollywood will definitely shut their doors, dig up his dead brother and keep it moving! Hell, he’s the only one falling for his own shiite.

Honorable Mention: Tyrese ‘Black Ty’ Gibson

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