From GIANT’s Editor-in-Chief, Emil Wilbekin:

“It’s a brand new day in America. As we kick-off the New Year, it’s clear that we need a resolution: Change. Between the economic crisis, the war, global warming and the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we have no choice but to switch it up. Fortunately, we have a leader. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, is here to navigate, direct and support us. It’s incredible that he is an African American and breaking down racial and cultural barriers along the way. But most importantly, he is a visionary. From January 14 to January 22, will be covering the “celebrity + style + culture” surrounding this man and this occasion. In honor of Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, a historical event of seismic proportions, we present: A New Day.”

With that known the ragtag bunch of cultural critics have weighed their thoughts and opinions on “a new day” with their usual brand of originality.

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