The 2010 NFL season was just as interesting after the games were over thanks to Nick Javis “Rhyme Reels.” The weekly rapped recaps of every football game became so popular that ESPN eventually took notice.  While Nick’s lyrical dexterity and football knowledge (he played ball at Rutgers) deserve a lot of praise, that infectious beat was the handy work of Brooklyn’s Fifth Seal.

“Soon as I saw the finished product I knew it was out of here,” the producer told ” Nick Javis did it the right way.  He loves hip-hop and he loves football. He did something nobody did before.”

Seal met Javis through DJ Premier’s manager Phat Gary and Ras Kass. He gave Nick a beat CD after a brief meeting at a bar down stairs from Headcourterz and the very next day Javis had the first “Rhyme Reel” done.  Just a few weeks later ESPN came knocking and now the song is a feature in Pepsi Max commercials featuring Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco.

“Because it’s a corporation it’s been the biggest check I’ve ever seen,” says 5th Seal. “It’s just opened up a door from the underground.  Now I can spread my wings. I love hip-hop. So Now I can take my style of hip-hop to a more mainstream level without changing the sound of it.”

The producer and DJ  produced “He Say She Say” from Razzy’s A.D.I.D.A.S as well as cuts for Immortal Technique under the name Danger, but has since changed his name because most people know about the producer who works with Timbaland.

“At the end of the Bible there is a book called Revelations. The 5th seal talked about the people that died for what they believe in and I thought that was dope,” he explains. “That’s where I got the name from. Being true to yourself. I have a lot of new music coming this year so I wanted to start fresh.”

You can link with 5th Seal on Twitter at @5thSealBeats.


NFL Week 17 Recap By Nick Javis [VIDEO]

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