Kanye West‘s most recent album may have just come out only 2 short months ago, the rapper has already moved on to his next solo project.  Though fans are still anticipating the release of his Jay-Z collaboration album, Watch The Throne, Kanye says his next album will come out sooner than anyone expected.

Via Twitter, Kanye says that his new album, the follow up to his critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, will drop this summer.  Fans can expect a little bit more promotion for Fantasy before either Throne or his upcoming summer album drops in the form of a video for “All Of The Lights” which Kanye revealed will be released in one week.

But what about the hotly anticipated Watch The Throne album with Jay-Z?  Kanye says that will be released in two months.

No release date for a completed version of Kanye’s “Monster” video, of which a rough cut leaked late last year, will be released.

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