Kanye West has put out hit after hit since his debut album College Dropout right? It’s almost like the guy can’t put out a bad song if he wanted to (with maybe one exception). So having to pick the top 10 Kanye West songs is not too hard. Check it out below as we rank the Kanye West Top 10 hits.

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Jesus Walks– may have been the song that made Kanye West a superstar and the remix with Mase just took it to another level in hip hop, considering Mase being a minister and all.

Diamonds from Sierra Leone– I would say this be his best hit to date,  but The Roc still broke up so I guess diamonds aren’t REALLY forever.

All Falls Down ft. Syleena Johnson– This has to be top 5 of all songs from Kanye West. I feel he not only gives us real hip hop with this one but also a message about life.

Through The Wire– may have been the first time some of you heard Kanye West spit a rhyme but we all know he had produced hit records for Foxy Brown, Mase and his crew Harlem World. Considering that he spit these verses literally through a wired jaw you gotta love this track.

Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx– was a major hit for Kanye West with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx doing his best Ray Charles impersonation it was a win-win.

Touch The Sky ft. Lupe Fiasco – was a pretty dope party track from Kanye West. The uptempo beat from Just Blaze and Kanye’s flyest in the room attitude is what made this very appealing.

Good Life ft. T-Pain– If you ask me this was Kanye’s best party jam. The message of the song is just what you need to forget about the haters and troubles of the world and just do you.

Flashing Lights ft. Dwele–  Kanye West is one of the best at conveying the trials and tribulations of stardom but he even topped himself with this tragic apology.

Heartless-” HeartBreaks and 808s” was an album that people did not think Kanye could pull off but he did and had others biting after but we not gone talk about that Last Train.

Monster ft. Rick Ross Jay-Z Nicki Minaj Bon Iver- Now we all can get a bit crazy at times but when it comes to your craft you gotta be a beast.  Sometime being a Monster is good, I think we all get the point of this hit. Nicki Minaj was the biggest Monster in this one.

Power- Kanye West seem to always sneak a message in and “Power” was no different. I guess everyone will have their own definition on “No One Man Should Have All That Power.”


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