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T-Pain currently has more chains and tattoos for that matter than albums which makes it kind of hard to understand why he is waiting so long to put another one out. Last June, T-Pain claimed he wouldn’t be putting out an album until record sales picked up and now he is blaming Drake for his current project not being released. The Circus Master said this on Twitter: “I know yall waitin on the album but the last thing I need is a verse from drake and the album is complete. So find drake and tell him to hurry the hell up and finish the verse Hahahahaaaa #twitterbomb. By the way the song with drake on it is the next sigle as well so that’s why I haven’t dropped a new single yet. Jus lettin you know.”

I give Faheem Rasheed Najm(yes that is his real name) the benefit of the doubt because I’m still listening to “Can’t Believe It” and I really can’t wait to hear Drizzy and Pain on a track!

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