Valentine’s Day for brand new couples consists of trying to outshine other couples, exchanging expensive gifts and/or an expensive dinner out on the town. Not quite my thing, I rather stay inside in the comfort of my own home with the man I love and eat home-made food that will satisfy my picky taste buds. I want to listen to sexy R&B and not lobby music while waiting with a buzzer for my table at Red Lobster. Having said that key bit of info having a play-list in place on one’s I-pod is just as essential as having a Valentine. Here are 10 of my faves…the ones that set the mood and keep it just as steamy as me!

Cue the candles, rose petals and whip cream…

10.B2k- Gots Ta Be

9.Trey Songz- Scratching Me Up

8. Trey Songz- Doorbell

7. Miguel- Teach Me

6. Chris Brown- No Bullshit

5.Ginuwine- On My Way

4. R.Kelly- Feeling On Yo Booty

3.112- Cupid

2. Jagged Edge- Gotta Be

1. Usher- Nice & Slow