Justin Bieber fans are a rather scarily devoted bunch.  Not only did they deface Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page after she beat the teen heartthrob in the Grammy’s “Best New Artist” category, but some are apparently threatening suicide.

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Sarah Rooney, a 19-year-old “Belieber,” posted a tear-filled video on YouTube where she makes her case as to why Bieber should’ve won the award.

“Like if you go to f*ckin’ like China or something, ask who Justin Bieber is and like every single one of those little Asian children working in those Nike shoe factories would know who Justin Bieber is. So why didn’t he win Best New Artist?”

Later in the video, Rooney says that she doesn’t want to live anymore and that Bieber can have all of her belongings, because “everything I own, in my mind, belongs to you.”

Spotted @ Complex

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