Rap-Up TV caught up with Ciara during All Star Weekend to ask her about the infamous Facebook letter she posted on her Facebook page in regards to wanting to be released from Jive Records. The young star says:

“I guess the best thing for me to say is that letter was from my heart and it was from a real place. It was really about me talking to my fans and letting them know where I am and being real and honest. That was my reason for writing it. I just wanted to say what I felt, and God willing I believe everything is going to work itself out and fall in place like how it is suppose to, so right now I’m just enjoying myself.

I want my fans to know I did write my letter from a real place and I want my fans to know I’m enjoying myself and I think that’s important for them to know that I’m happy and I’m okay. I’m going to be going to South Africa and Australia in about a month and then I’ll also be going on a US tour of which I’m excited about. Cici is going to be grinding, it doesn’t stop, It never changes”

Click here, for full article where she goes into detail about current work and what the future holds.

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