Courtesy of Nah Right:

“Joey spoke with HipHopGame about the Saigon battle and, contrary to what Sai claims, and in line with what Just Blaze said, he insists that the two of them spoke on the phone.

One minute we hear there’s a phone call and the next minute Saigon says it didn’t happen. Did a phone call happen?The phone call happened. The phone call happened. In my story the phone call happened. I’m not responsible for what he goes around saying but it’s common sense. If me and dude are engaged in a fucking lyrical battle here and all of a sudden I just stop out of the clear blue sky, there’s really no other reason for it besides there was a phone call that took place.

What did you guys talk about? That part I’m not going to share. But we had a pretty in-depth conversation. And it was a good one. It was a good conversation. It didn’t start out well but we had a good conversation. He begged me to stop. He begged me to leave him alone.

He goes on to say that he explained to Saigon during the call that the next round was going to get really personal and there wouldn’t be any coming back once that record hit the streets. Joey also says he’s down to jump in the ring and fight Sai for charity, and he speaks on his girlfriends newly found internet fame.”

Link: Joe Budden Interview w/ HHG 1/28

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